Michael Jordan memorabilia expert and Co-Founder of Sports Authority Authentication Service, Gerard Starkey, explains why a pair of game-worn basketball shoes are a symbol of the sport

There is no doubt that Michael Jordan is the Greatest of All Time. It would be easy to list an impressive numeric summary of his basketball career or name all his awards and titles, but that wouldn’t do his legacy real justice. Michael Jordan is a phenomenal athlete with a distinctive combination of fundamental soundness, speed, power, artistry, and grace.

All these attributes — in combination with Jordan’s killer instincts and mastery of the ‘clutch moment’ — have resulted in Jordan single-handedly redefining the game of basketball, as well as what it means to be an NBA superstar.

In 2020, The Last Dance documentary, which centres around Jordan’s final season with the Bulls, once again affirmed his dominance of the game. In a sport that is constantly changing and where new stars emerge every season, The Last Dance reminds its viewers of all the unforgettable moments that Jordan had with the Chicago Bulls that remain iconic even today.