SAAS Guarantee

Original Air Auction

At SAAS Authentications we only deal in facts.

That’s why each and every artifact authenticated and marketed by our Game-Worn Authentication Program is photo-matched before it is offered for auction or retail sale.

The SAAS team has more than 25 years of experience in the sports memorabilia industry.  We know what’s real, and what opinion is.  We don’t discount opinions.  We confirm those opinions with facts BEFORE we register an item.

SAAS has a contract with Getty Images that enables us to access their extensive sports photo library in high resolution.  This access enables us to conclusively photo-match items worn or used by your favorite player in-game action.  That is the only one way we authenticate assets.

As a collector, have you ever asked a dealer what research was done to authenticate an item?  You should. SAAS is always ready to explain what is being done on an item, how conclusions are reached, and where the research originates from.

When it comes to research, we rely on the information.  Inventory information from manufacturers, information from teams and customizers, photos and videos from games, and Getty).

Of course, not all information is available.  Time and the lack of record-keeping prevents many items from being conclusively answered.  When items are impossible to conclusively ascertain, SAAS declines to register them due to lack of conclusive information.  We still share that information with collectors so they can make educated choices by providing them with detailed findings.

SAAS maintains a database retaining information on every item it authenticates and/or sells.  Our system enables collectors who purchase items in the secondary market to contact us.

We want to arm you with information before buying to assist in making informed and educated decisions.


Every item purchased will come with SAAS Registration, which includes a letter of authenticity.  We believe that not all Letters of Authenticity are alike.  An LOA is only as good as the integrity of the company issuing it, and the information and warranties made in it.

Our LOA informs you on exactly what you purchased and the details behind the item you have bought.  That’s why our LOA matters.  It’s your LIFETIME WARRANTY.


We believe no game-worn items are alike.  Every asset is unique: From the stitching, creases, names, fabric, designs, colors, and the characteristic evidence left behind by the player once the item is worn.

Every game-worn item is like a fingerprint.

Our contract with various Image databases enable us to access their vast collection of photographs, enlarge a photo to the point where a single thread on a player’s name or number, or imperfection on a team crest can be compared to an actual game-worn item.

That’s why we can conclusively photo-match your items.  SAAS provides clients with a full-color PDF Book and all photographic evidence of every comparison highlighted and described allowing you to easily see the match.  Each book states the place and date of the match and adds a unique File Number to your item.


SAAS stands behind every item it sells … for life.

SAAS protects the original purchaser by offering that purchaser a full refund of his purchase price at any time if a SAAS  item purchased directly from SAAS is conclusively proven not to be what SAAS represented it to be.

Once a SAAS artifact is sold or traded in the secondary market, it becomes that person’s or dealer’s responsibility to offer the warranty he or she feels is appropriate.  SAAS will continue to protect the original owner, and all subsequent owners, for the original purchase price.  SAAS will do so as long as the item has not been altered from its original condition when sold by SAAS.  But SAAS cannot be held responsible for any secondary owner’s representation beyond the representation made by the original SAAS documentation.

NOTE: This Lifetime Money Back Guarantee extends to all game-worn, game-used, and game-issued items.  Since SAAS occasionally sells non-game-worn items, the only exception to this Lifetime Money Back Guarantee is for these non-game-worn items in which SAAS has made no representation as to authenticity.